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Thank you to everyone at my Ukulele workshop At the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival . I have posted the notes in my Blog.


If you have stumbled upon this site and it looks kinda goofy, it's because this web site is under construction. I'm much better at building instruments than I am building a web page but I am sure I will get it right soon. Please visit often and see how I progress. Richard - February 2020

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About MapleGrove Instrument

Cakes are home made.

My instruments are "Hand Made".

30 years ago I was a Guitar snob. Martin-Fender-Gibson. Nothing else mattered.

Then I started building my own instruments and soon realised that a handmade instrument can sound as good and ‘feel better’ than one of the top brands.

About 10 years ago I decided to throw away the concept of a standard guitar and built an old style cigar box guitar. Since then I’ve come to appreciate that rules were meant to be broken and that three strings can be better than six.

As a regular musician in the pubs and clubs in the Blue Mountains I make sure every instrument play and sounds as good as it looks. 

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