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Coke Mandolin

Feature Subtitle

* Retro style coke tin. 
* Purple Heart neck.
* Medium frets 
* Bleached bone nut. 
* Four pole single coil pickup.
* Groovy Bottle top style control knob for Volume
* Retro hinge string anchor
* 400mm Scale Length
* Mandolin Tuned G-D-A-E 
* Light gauge strings (10-13-17-26)
* Chrome Grover tuners.


Cigar Box Kits

Feature Subtitle

Arturo Fuente Cuban Cigar box
• Shaped Black Walnut neck. One piece, not sliced. 
• Mulga or Solomon Island Ebony fretboard.
• Fixed Truss rod
• Slotted for 600mm Scale length
• Medium gauge Frets
• Four strings; medium gauge; 36-26-17-15
• Open chrome tuners
• Pre-wired 4 pole single coil pickup
• Separate Volume and Tone controls
• Hinge tailpiece for string end.
• Threaded rod Saddle.
• Bone nut
• Eight gold corners
• Four sound grommets
• Construction instructions


The Steering Wheel

I must be crazy

I came across a 2nd hand steering wheel at the local markets. How I'm going to turn this into a Guitar is still not clear. 
But I'm going to give it a go.

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