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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they real instruments?

Yes,  Every instrument is real. 
I can honestly say many of my instruments get tested in a live environment by me and other musicians in the NSW Blue Mountains. It is often the feedback from my peers that contributes to subtle changes in designs from one instrument to the next.

Do you sell in a shop?

No shop. I sell at markets; Online; and word of mouth.

Can you get a custom build a guitar?

Yes. I have built bespoke 3 and 4 and 6 string Guitars to other peoples design, using their timber, or a favorite tin from their childhood.
If you have your own Cigar box; or Biscuit tin; even a favorite hubcap, I can help you design and build your own custom instrument. There are rules to adhere to but otherwise the limit is your imagination.

Why the name MapleGrove?

Multiple reasons for the name. First: Very close to where I live in Katoomba is a wonderful family park called "Maple Grove".
Second: Where practical I like to use Maple timber (Rock, Queensland Flame Maple, etc) as part of my instruments.
Third, I am paying homage to Jerry Garcia & David Grisman who released a great Album in 1996 called 'Shady Grove'.

Do I use quality or second hand materials.

Both. When I buy the raw timber I like to buy the best in the timber yard. Often the planks are different sizes. Some times I can get 2 standard Guitar necks from a piece of Rock Maple, and have enough left over to make a couple of Ukulele Necks. 
Most of my hardware comes new from Stewart McDonald or CB Gitty, depending on what it is I am building. Other times I come across some 2nd hand parts from repairs, or buying old guitars just for the parts. If I see an old 70's or 80's Ibanez guitar that has seen better days I'll buy it for the Pickups. 
So if I'm re-cycling a second hand piece of hardware it will for the benifit of the instrument.

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